Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Happy Birthday, Lucy!

Today, April 10, is our favorite girl's birthday. We have celebrated every year since we brought her home. I count the day she was born as one of the best days of my life because it brought her to us. She is an amazingly important part of our family. She made us a family. She's my best friend.

We spent the day doing all things Lucy. Eddy and I sprung out of bed at 8:00 sharp, threw Lucy's collar on her, and hit the sidewalk. We trekked straight to our park and played fetch until Lucy's pace told me she'd had enough. We all rested in the afternoon and then the 3 of us loaded up the car and picked Papa T up from work.

Lucy's happy place is Red Bud Isle so we introduced her little brother to the wonders of its shaded paths. It was a perfect spring night in Austin, we found a quiet cove for our family, and with tennis ball in hand, we tossed and Lucy swam to her heart's content.

After working up an appetite, we headed to our favorite dog-friendly restaurant, Freddie's, where Lucy ordered off the dog menu and Tim and I ordered human food. A lovely man at the neighboring table who appeared to be very stoned made Eddy's night by telling us, "Dude, seriously, your baby is cute as sh*t. I'm being serious." Thanks?

We then hoofed it (pawed it?) down the road and enjoyed a giant, delicious doughnut from Gourdough's for dessert.

Just like this day last year, Lucy got a stream of compliments about how beautiful she is. Maybe she really does hold her head up high and have a little glow around her on her birthday. Or maybe we are just so proud and in love that our glow shines down on her. I used to worry that once Eddy was born, Lucy wouldn't receive as many compliments. So not the case. She is still every bit the head-turner that she's always been.

It's amazing how just when my heart feels like it's going to burst, it just keeps stretching.

Love you, sweet girl.

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