Monday, April 16, 2012

20 weeks, 1 belly

Here's something I put together with the images taken by the brilliant Alison Eden. Not only can you see the amazing progression, you also get to see how bad my hair was after a long day at work on some weeks. And when we went in for our newborn shots at "week 40", I thought I was looking so good. Turns out I looked just like a new mom - puffy and sleepy. But really the most important part of that picture is the sweet little brand new Eddy.

I recently turned all of these pictures, along with the corresponding blog posts, into a book. I'm so happy that I have those memories from each week preserved. It's incredible to look back at some of the things I thought and to now see how it's all turned out. This little guy was already introducing us to his personality before we'd even seen his face.

That was a BIG belly! And yes, it was the very same shirt and pants the whole way through. I think week 39 is my favorite. I have a very peaceful look on my face. I was ready. That was T minus 2 days until we met our favorite boy.


  1. I don't know how you fit a whole baby in there. On the other hand, I see how you fit a whole baby in there.

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