Thursday, March 15, 2012

Splish Splash

Since Eddy's first bath, we have been Puj Tub-ers. It was a shower gift given to us by my brother, Matt, and we didn't even know we needed it. It is an awesome little piece of foam that fits perfectly in our sink. I can set it up one-handed while holding Eddy and the holes on the side allow just the right amount of water to stay in the tub. PLUS, I don't have to bend over a bathtub at an awkward angle to try and maneuver a slippery chub.

In short, I love it.
He HATED it the first time but loves it now.
We also received a Tummy Tub as a shower gift. This amazing little bucket is nothing new in the baby world but it is new to us. The website says that it is "nearly as nice as mommy's tummy!" A few weeks ago we used it for the first time.

As I lowered Eddy in to the water, his arms went wide, his breathing sped up, and he had a very concerned look on his face.

The instant that he was in he calmed down, released a giant sigh, and his face relaxed. He spent the rest of the bath just smiling at me.

Those cheeks are a'smilin'.

Because of the design of the tub, he is able to move his own little body. He uses his feet and legs to scoot around and bob up and down which must feel like a wild sensation when you're used to just lying on your back and wiggling. You could tell by the expression on his face that my guy loved the independence.

The bathroom and all activity that takes place inside of it unnerves Lucy (don't even say b-a-t-h in her presence) so she had to make sure that we weren't torturing Eddy.

He stayed in the tub for almost ten minutes, getting clean and sudsy and happy. The other brilliant part about the design is that it keeps water warmer for longer.

I'm addicted.

The look on his face. The visible rolls of chub from every angle. The smell. The warmth. The family affair.

I wanted to give him another bath immediately after this one was over. The Puj Tub is still my go to tub when we are in a hurry to get out the door by a certain time but he is quickly outgrowing it. It is recommended for babies up to 17 pounds babies and child is pushing it - my estimate for next week's appointment is 16 pounds but I was under by a pound and a half last time.

That last paragraph made me realize just how quickly time is flying. I need to document the next bath in the Puj Tub before he's too big. He looks so fat and delicious and he won't fit much longer.

When the time comes to hang the Puj Tub up and save it for our next tub of love, we will make the permanent switch to the Tummy Tub. It does take a bit more time but maybe that's okay. I like the idea of bath time being a slow, calm, family routine.

It makes for a very cozy bedtime.


  1. Nothing cuter than a baby in a bucket!

  2. this is pretty much the cutest thing i've ever seen.


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