Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sh*t Happens

Sometimes sh*t happens.

Sometimes you turn the alarm off instead of snoozing and wake up 15 minutes before your flight leaves.

Sometimes you spill orange juice on your white shirt on the way to work but you're running late so you can't turn around and change.

Sometimes, when you're in the third grade, you pull a chair out from under your friend while they're sitting down because you think it'll be funny and they end up getting hurt. (I'm, of course, talking about a girl I used to know. Definitely wasn't me.)

Sometimes you step in hot, chewed up gum on the sidewalk and then spend 15 minutes cleaning it off your shoe. And then spend 5 minutes cleaning it off your hands.

Sometimes you're the designated driver because you're 16 weeks pregnant and you hit a deer going 65 miles an hour on a six-lane highway that winds down a mountain. In your brand new Prius.

Sometimes your team loses in the first round.

Sometimes you get caught and you get grounded.

Sometimes you get caught and you get in really big trouble.

And sometimes, sh*t happens so much that it fills every corner of your diaper. And seeps out of the top. And gets all over your clothes. And on to the bed sheets.

This may look rather mild but you didn't see what was on the inside.

But in those times thankfully your mom is there to clean you up.

And if she could, I bet she'd help you clean up all of your other messes too.

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  1. We had a very similar thing happen today, but it came out the side rather than the back. :-)


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