Sunday, March 25, 2012

It's Sunday. Say "thank you".

This weekend was awesome -- Eddy got to meet his Aunt Hanna! We haven't seen Hanna since we visited California while Eddy was a babe in the belly so it was beyond great to have her back in Austin. Turns out Aunt Hanna is incredibly snuggly and a total natural. Plus she's beautiful. And she's my sister. She came into town with my step mom, Lee, and I am so happy that they both got to finally love him in person. They have been loving him from afar since before he was.

This week, we are thankful for:
Caramel sea salt milkshakes - holy moly.
Hanging artwork in our home
Park dates with Lucy
Slow cooker recipes
A 3 day weekend
A good big sister and a good little brother
A Mad Men premiere party - complete with 1960s inspired menu
Kisses from Aunt Hanna and Lee

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