Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I am a warrior.

Today, we did what we love to do lately - we went to the park with Sara and Olivia. Eddy loved watching Oli play and Lucy helped guard against the wind. On our way home, Eddy gave me the "I need to eat" whimper and we were still about 15 minutes from the house. I tried to soothe him while he was in the stroller, cruising over bumps. I didn't want to stop to feed him because the wind was fierce and it was nearing Olivia's nap time. I hate when those desperate cries crescendo into, "Mom, you're so close! Why aren't you helping me?" so I grabbed him out of his seat, Sara's grandmother, Mima, took Lucy and the stroller, I lifted my shirt as discreetly as possible and gave my guy what he needed. Sara threw a blanket over my shoulder and the mighty wind blowing against us held it in place.

I nursed and we walked. We walked along the trail, we walked along the sidewalk, we walked through a busy intersection. And Eddy was satisfied.

I am a warrior mama, but aren't we all?

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