Monday, March 19, 2012

Happy birthday, Uncle Cory!

To Lucy and Eddy he is Uncle Cory but to me, he is my brother. My first brother.

The day he was born changed my life in so many ways. I became a big sister, which I always say has been one of my favorite jobs. I also witnessed a home birth for the first time which had such a powerful impact on me that it is how I chose to bring my baby into the world. I cut his umbilical cord which is a big deal for anybody but was especially monumental for little seven year old me. It was a very hearty cord and it required more effort than I expected. It needed to be hearty to support such an amazing little person - a person who has grown up to be an amazing man.

Cory was around while I was in labor with Eddy and kept our girl Lucy busy and happy. In a way, having him there felt like things had come full circle.

I am so proud to call Cory my brother. If you know him, count yourself lucky.

Cory Patrick Hartmann
born March 19, 1989 on West Greens Road
8 pounds 6 ounces, 21 inches

Love ya, brother.

Top 2 photos by
Reacting to a contraction while walking out the door with Lucy :)
Hanging in the backyard with our girl on December 22.


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