Saturday, March 3, 2012

Grandparent Love

What is it about grandparent love that makes it so sweet? Is it that they have already loved their children for so long that their love has just gotten deeper? Or is it that when you see your children, who you love so much, have children of their own that the love just grows exponentially? Maybe I won't know the answer until it's my turn to be one.

Eddy certainly has no shortage of grandparent love. He has grandparents that expect several daily pictures, grandparents that are already planning vacations and surf lessons, and grandparents that have more framed pictures of him than we do.

Cookie came to stay with us and not only was it awesome to have an extra set of hands around, it was awesome to see Eddy smile and love on her.

Then, we all took a trip to see the Houston grandparents. Pops was happy to finally get to snuggle Eddy since he was sick when Eddy was born and BonBon got to give Eddy a bath!

Oh, and Lucy is also treated like royalty by her grandparents. She is, after all, the original grandchild.

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  1. When are we going to Denver so I can witness this in person?


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