Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dear Eddy, Month 3

Dear Eddy,

For the past 4 years now, Papa and I have been totally spoiled with all access passes to SXSW. In the pre-you days, we would make the most of every aspect of the festival, from panels to movies to music. This year we had the same access but I knew that our pace would be a little different. While we sat and planned out our agenda the week before, an event that used to require multiple colors of highlighters and the synching of iPhone apps, I just kept saying, "Well, we'll see... Eddy's the boss." I think because we got our kicks in a big way every other year, I was perfectly content with letting you dictate our schedule.

Should I be surprised? You were the perfect South By companion.

No, we didn't do nearly as much as we had done before but what we did do was made ten times better because you snuggled me the whole time. I got to do absolutely everything I wanted to do and I got to come home and nap in the afternoon. You know I love a good lie down so to me, this made every day seem much more relaxed and enjoyable.

We laughed at Jimmy Fallon, drooled while listening to Anthony Bourdain and Richard Blais talk about food, and sang with Bruce Springsteen. You napped through a documentary film and we danced with our friends to a few new bands and a few old favorites (don't worry, you wore ear muffs).

Did I have fun in years past? I had a blast. Would I trade this year's experience for more movies, music, and dancing? Not a chance. I am so head over heels for you that I am totally happy with coming home early, giving you a nice, warm Tummy Tub bath, and getting cozy.

Besides the enjoyment that I got from being with you, nearly everyone else that we met fell in love with you, too. I'm pretty sure that you were officially the coolest baby at SXSW. I kept track of some of the awesome things that people said to you.

Here's what we heard:

- A man walked by us during the first day of the Interactive portion, which is crawling with technology folks, and smiled as he passed. I could tell that he was trying to think of something to say when he turned around a few paces later and said, "That's a nice start up ya got there." Pretty clever.

- A very adorable, young 20-something boy approached us and said, "That. Is. Seriously. The. Cutest. Baby. I. Have. Ever. Seen." He said it just like that. There was so much emphasis on every word that it took him about 15 seconds to finish his sentence.

- We snuck away to a quiet corner of the convention center so that you could eat and a few minutes into your meal, a man sat down about 10 feet away from us. When you were finished and I took the blanket off of you, the man said, "Oh sorry! Didn't realize you were working here! I thought you were just a hermit like me." To which I replied, "Thank you for recognizing that I'm working." "Damn straight you are! Excuse my language." Love that.

- When we were riding home on the train one evening, an older gentleman said, in a very sweet drawl, "Excuse me, ma'am. I'm gonna have to ask you to keep your son away. My granddaughter over there is 6 weeks old and he is entirely too cute. I can't have her seein' him."

- And then there was this: "Oh, those cheeks!" "Look at those cheeks!" "Oh my goodness, his cheeks!" "Those are the greatest cheeks I've ever seen!" "Ay, que gordito!" "That poor child is just starving, isn't he?" "I just can't stand it, I wanna squeeze those cheeks!" It was constant. All day, everyday.

You were a star. And I was so proud to be with you.

I love you, little boy.


Eddy & Co., SXSW via Instagram

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  1. Ok, I'm seriously crying at work right now. SO CUTE! I just love these. Eddy is so loved.


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