Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Dear Eddy, Month 2

Dear Eddy,

Having heard stories from other mamas about sleepless nights and inconsolable days, I had braced myself for that storm. Bless my stars, there is no storm on the radar.

What does it take to put a little Eddy to sleep? A good nurse and a cozy snuggle. I cherish each sleep because I know they won't last forever. Someday, you will just say, "G'night, Mom!" and walk to bed. I wake up each morning and think, "We did it! We are happy and rested!" I very much know that I am a lucky mom.

Tomorrow, you have a well baby visit and your first round of shots. I want to apologize in advance for the pain of the poke. I will do everything in my might to make the sting, and any other stings to follow, go away.

I think that part of your happiness and contentment comes from the fact that you are a big, healthy baby. I predict that you weigh at least 13 pounds. We will find out at tomorrow's visit. (Weight confirmed after visit -- 14 lbs 7 oz, 95th percentile!)

You started really smiling this month and you have 2 delectable dimples. God didn't have to make you so cute; I would have loved you anyway. But I sure am happy He did!

We are becoming quite an independent duo, finding an adventure nearly everyday. We love the park, both in our neighborhood and downtown. We also love visiting our friends. And everyone, I mean everyone, loves a visit from you.

Being with you makes every day better.


go to sleep, my love my love.

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