Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Dear Eddy, Month 1

I am writing Eddy a letter every month of his life. Here is the first letter, the second will follow. Better late than never!

Dear Eddy,

I used to write letters to you every week when you were in my belly, before I knew who you really were. Each week was exciting and different and word-inspiring. Free hands, and free hours, aren't as easy to come by now so I will (try to) write you a letter every month. Hopefully you can read these letters someday and know how loved you are and how loved you were from the moment you came to be.

This first month has been the most important month of my life. It is the month I learned how to be a mom. I know that this is very much a "trial by fire" job and no amount of reading can truly prepare you for it and I know that I will learn more and more with each passing day.

In this month, you have learned to nurse like a champ and I am so happy to be your provider. I know that this isn't easy for all mamas and babies so I am especially thankful for our bond.

In this month, I have learned that you are amazing. Not just "new baby" amazing, but truly amazing. You sleep like an angel, you whimper so sweetly to express your needs, and comfort is something that comes very easily to you.

In this month, you have learned how to throw a mean punch. Your papa thinks that you probably did this a lot in my belly but now, without the resistance of that warm amniotic fluid, your punches pack much more might. So much, in fact, that you have given yourself not one but two black eyes. They break my heart but I know that one day soon we will look at these pictures of little you with what looks like purple eye makeup and laugh.

In this month, I have learned that we were meant to be. From the moment you were placed on my belly, pink and goopy and beautiful, I knew that you had picked the right mama. Now that papa has gone back to work and Cookie has gone home, we hang out all day and I am in heaven.

You were so worth the wait.


sunning our little yella fella.

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