Saturday, March 31, 2012

100 Days of Eddy

Eddy is 100 days old today. Sounds like a long time. But as we were told, it's gone by in a flash. He seems like a totally different person than the jelly baby that exploded onto the scene on December 22. He is, in one word, awesome.

But here are 100 words about Eddy written by me and Papa T:
chunk, good boy, me (Papa T's words), son, squeaker, squirmy worm, the spaghet, sweet, ham, off the charts, little yella fella, meatball, Lucy's best friend, Linus head, e.w.w., dimple cheeks, dimple knuckles, agoo, cartoon sun smiling, sack of potaters, tummy time, grandson, boob monger, please don't take this child, Stay-Puft, loves his mom, sweat head, stanky neck, just a squirt, Puj Tub, two black eyes, beautiful boy, just a stack of marshmallows, nephew, pillow feet, beebee, Edward, Ed, lover boy, heyyo, sneezus, Oh God bless you, button nose, heart lips, Tic Tac toes, muscle man, "Maaaa!" (Eddy's words), and cheeks and cheeks and cheeks

And here are 100 pictures from Eddy's first 100 days. From his very first moment in the world to today.

I did the math. But you're welcome to double check it.

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