Saturday, March 31, 2012

100 Days of Eddy

Eddy is 100 days old today. Sounds like a long time. But as we were told, it's gone by in a flash. He seems like a totally different person than the jelly baby that exploded onto the scene on December 22. He is, in one word, awesome.

But here are 100 words about Eddy written by me and Papa T:
chunk, good boy, me (Papa T's words), son, squeaker, squirmy worm, the spaghet, sweet, ham, off the charts, little yella fella, meatball, Lucy's best friend, Linus head, e.w.w., dimple cheeks, dimple knuckles, agoo, cartoon sun smiling, sack of potaters, tummy time, grandson, boob monger, please don't take this child, Stay-Puft, loves his mom, sweat head, stanky neck, just a squirt, Puj Tub, two black eyes, beautiful boy, just a stack of marshmallows, nephew, pillow feet, beebee, Edward, Ed, lover boy, heyyo, sneezus, Oh God bless you, button nose, heart lips, Tic Tac toes, muscle man, "Maaaa!" (Eddy's words), and cheeks and cheeks and cheeks

And here are 100 pictures from Eddy's first 100 days. From his very first moment in the world to today.

I did the math. But you're welcome to double check it.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dear Eddy, Month 3

Dear Eddy,

For the past 4 years now, Papa and I have been totally spoiled with all access passes to SXSW. In the pre-you days, we would make the most of every aspect of the festival, from panels to movies to music. This year we had the same access but I knew that our pace would be a little different. While we sat and planned out our agenda the week before, an event that used to require multiple colors of highlighters and the synching of iPhone apps, I just kept saying, "Well, we'll see... Eddy's the boss." I think because we got our kicks in a big way every other year, I was perfectly content with letting you dictate our schedule.

Should I be surprised? You were the perfect South By companion.

No, we didn't do nearly as much as we had done before but what we did do was made ten times better because you snuggled me the whole time. I got to do absolutely everything I wanted to do and I got to come home and nap in the afternoon. You know I love a good lie down so to me, this made every day seem much more relaxed and enjoyable.

We laughed at Jimmy Fallon, drooled while listening to Anthony Bourdain and Richard Blais talk about food, and sang with Bruce Springsteen. You napped through a documentary film and we danced with our friends to a few new bands and a few old favorites (don't worry, you wore ear muffs).

Did I have fun in years past? I had a blast. Would I trade this year's experience for more movies, music, and dancing? Not a chance. I am so head over heels for you that I am totally happy with coming home early, giving you a nice, warm Tummy Tub bath, and getting cozy.

Besides the enjoyment that I got from being with you, nearly everyone else that we met fell in love with you, too. I'm pretty sure that you were officially the coolest baby at SXSW. I kept track of some of the awesome things that people said to you.

Here's what we heard:

- A man walked by us during the first day of the Interactive portion, which is crawling with technology folks, and smiled as he passed. I could tell that he was trying to think of something to say when he turned around a few paces later and said, "That's a nice start up ya got there." Pretty clever.

- A very adorable, young 20-something boy approached us and said, "That. Is. Seriously. The. Cutest. Baby. I. Have. Ever. Seen." He said it just like that. There was so much emphasis on every word that it took him about 15 seconds to finish his sentence.

- We snuck away to a quiet corner of the convention center so that you could eat and a few minutes into your meal, a man sat down about 10 feet away from us. When you were finished and I took the blanket off of you, the man said, "Oh sorry! Didn't realize you were working here! I thought you were just a hermit like me." To which I replied, "Thank you for recognizing that I'm working." "Damn straight you are! Excuse my language." Love that.

- When we were riding home on the train one evening, an older gentleman said, in a very sweet drawl, "Excuse me, ma'am. I'm gonna have to ask you to keep your son away. My granddaughter over there is 6 weeks old and he is entirely too cute. I can't have her seein' him."

- And then there was this: "Oh, those cheeks!" "Look at those cheeks!" "Oh my goodness, his cheeks!" "Those are the greatest cheeks I've ever seen!" "Ay, que gordito!" "That poor child is just starving, isn't he?" "I just can't stand it, I wanna squeeze those cheeks!" It was constant. All day, everyday.

You were a star. And I was so proud to be with you.

I love you, little boy.


Eddy & Co., SXSW via Instagram

Sunday, March 25, 2012

It's Sunday. Say "thank you".

This weekend was awesome -- Eddy got to meet his Aunt Hanna! We haven't seen Hanna since we visited California while Eddy was a babe in the belly so it was beyond great to have her back in Austin. Turns out Aunt Hanna is incredibly snuggly and a total natural. Plus she's beautiful. And she's my sister. She came into town with my step mom, Lee, and I am so happy that they both got to finally love him in person. They have been loving him from afar since before he was.

This week, we are thankful for:
Caramel sea salt milkshakes - holy moly.
Hanging artwork in our home
Park dates with Lucy
Slow cooker recipes
A 3 day weekend
A good big sister and a good little brother
A Mad Men premiere party - complete with 1960s inspired menu
Kisses from Aunt Hanna and Lee

Thursday, March 22, 2012

It's March 22. Eddy is 3 months old!

3 months! One quarter of a year! Halfway to the halfway mark!

In addition to squealing, squeaking, cooing, and gooing, Eddy has had a few good belly laughs. He has a very sophisticated sense of humor though, so he only laughs when something is truly funny. And instead of flopping into a mushy cuddle he now likes to show off his super strength by planking on our chests.

We took this month's picture downtown, between Papa's hotel and the Austin Convention Center. This was the hub of much of our activity the past few weeks. Along with Bruce Springsteen, Eddy was one of the most popular guys at SXSW. He continues to accumulate fans and admirers at every turn.

Are you a member of the Eddy fan club?

thanks for helping us snap this month's pic!

the pregnant woman

are amazing.

are a walking miracle
a breathing science experiment.

are beautiful even when you don't feel like it.

are growing a tiny person inside of you.

used to be you and loved every minute.

hope to be you again some day.

until then i will stare
at my baby and
marvel at
where he

photo by

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mental Pictures

Yesterday, I escaped to my quiet temple of thought (the bathtub) while Papa T napped with Eddy. Making the water as hot as I can tolerate is a treat after taking tepid baths while the babe was still in the belly. It allows me to stay in for longer before the water cools. Maybe it's the steam rising off the surface, maybe it's dunking my head under so that all I hear is my own breathing, maybe it's just being the only person in the tiny room. It has become the perfect breeding ground for thoughts.

While in the bath, I realized that I have been storing memories in my mind lately like photographs, constantly seeing moments that need to be snapped. Pillow-like feet, chubby arms, perfectly round knees, eyebrows furrowed with determination. I feel a must do urge to capture all of this.

Like buttah.
Since he was born, Eddy has had the most amazing sneezes. These sneezes required quite a wind-up - the mouth flapped like Pac-Man's and the sound was something out of a 1950s cartoon. And he sneezed all the time. It was a like his body was just learning about all of these amazing functions it was capable of and constantly needed to practice. To make matters cuter, he frequently had what we call "The Lost Sneeze" - a giant overture that ultimately just petered out with a little "hoooo". I was determined to capture the entire performance on video. I would camp out beside him on the floor with a video camera in hand but I just kept coming up with lots of footage of him staring and smiling. Cute, yes. Sneezes, no.  He still sneezes but they just aren't quite the same as those newborn sneezes. I didn't ever capture one on video. Last night in the bath, this thought made me sad.

And then I started thinking about all of these digital images we have already acquired. Eddy has a multitude of pictures from everyday of his life. I know that all first time parents become addicted to preserving these moments and images like I have.

Fuzzy baby parts captured with an iPhone while nursing.
But what happens when one gets away?

Does it mean that the memory is gone? Have our brains become too lazy to hold onto memories on their own?

My parents' generation didn't have the luxury of digital documenting. They captured images on - remember this? - film. You couldn't see your images immediately so you just had to wait until the roll was developed to see if the precious memory had made the cut. And only cameras took pictures. No iPhones. No webcams. Video cameras were too comically enormous to toss in the diaper bag.

So do my parents have less memories of me than I will have of Eddy? Maybe. But I think probably not. I think that they are experts at holding onto mental pictures.

My mom has shoe boxes upon shoe boxes of pictures in her closet. They have made every move with her over decades. There is no conventional organization, no chronology.  But man are they fun to dig through. The result of having to develop the whole roll was that there was one, maybe two good pictures and dozens of outtakes. Awkward smiles, bad hair on Christmas morning, really bad outfits that were actually worn on purpose. Those pictures don't get developed anymore. If a picture is taken from a weird angle or your brother has his eyes closed you just don't develop it.

A few years ago I killed our laptop. I came home from work on a Friday, sat down on the couch with a Dr. Pepper and started searching for who knows what on the internet. Now, we rarely have soda in our house and I don't generally drink Dr. Pepper unless I'm having a hamburger and French fries. But, as the story goes, I absentmindedly knocked the soda over and learned how you fry a hard drive. We tried everything we could to save it. We took it to a computer repair shop, we sent our hard drive away to the supposed experts but it was too far gone. We would have to pay thousands of dollars to recover anything. So there went the pictures of our early days as boyfriend and girlfriend. There went the pictures of fat-bellied baby Lucy. There went the pictures of us moving into our first house. Thankfully I do get a lot of pictures developed so we have a few hard copies of those memories but I lost thousands of pictures that day not to mention thousands of songs. I was sick about it for a long time but I got to a point where I just had to shrug my shoulders and say, "That sucked but oh well." I remember how Lucy felt when she was a puppy. I remember how excited we were to hold our keys after signing the all of that paperwork. I remember what it was like to fall in love with Tim. I learned the hard way to cling to those memories for dear life. I refuse to ever let them go.

Baby Lucy. The sweetest girl I ever did see.

So Eddy may have exponentially more baby pictures than I have of myself but in the end, what's more fun to dig through - a shoe box or a hard drive? I vote for the shoebox.

I will make it a point to develop and develop and develop pictures, even outtakes. But when a memory sneaks by without the sound of a shutter to capture it, I will stop and make sure that I create a mental picture. I have a feeling that those make sweeter memories decades from now. I play the newborn sneeze "video" over in my brain everyday. That's my preservation plan.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Happy birthday, Uncle Cory!

To Lucy and Eddy he is Uncle Cory but to me, he is my brother. My first brother.

The day he was born changed my life in so many ways. I became a big sister, which I always say has been one of my favorite jobs. I also witnessed a home birth for the first time which had such a powerful impact on me that it is how I chose to bring my baby into the world. I cut his umbilical cord which is a big deal for anybody but was especially monumental for little seven year old me. It was a very hearty cord and it required more effort than I expected. It needed to be hearty to support such an amazing little person - a person who has grown up to be an amazing man.

Cory was around while I was in labor with Eddy and kept our girl Lucy busy and happy. In a way, having him there felt like things had come full circle.

I am so proud to call Cory my brother. If you know him, count yourself lucky.

Cory Patrick Hartmann
born March 19, 1989 on West Greens Road
8 pounds 6 ounces, 21 inches

Love ya, brother.

Top 2 photos by
Reacting to a contraction while walking out the door with Lucy :)
Hanging in the backyard with our girl on December 22.


Sunday, March 18, 2012

It's Sunday. Say "thank you".

Aaah, it's been a while since we've stopped and said thank you. Let's get back on track because we have so much to be thankful for and it's important to say it.

This week we are thankful for:
Freshly mowed grass
A clean house
A clean Lucy
Family naps
Big Red soda
The ability to quickly seek out quiet corners fit for nursing
Lavender scented baby soap
And baby robes. Totally unnecessary, totally ridiculous, totally irresistible. 

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Got my green on!

Even though he's so peeenchable, please please don't peeench this child.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Love, Eddy

Sh*t Happens

Sometimes sh*t happens.

Sometimes you turn the alarm off instead of snoozing and wake up 15 minutes before your flight leaves.

Sometimes you spill orange juice on your white shirt on the way to work but you're running late so you can't turn around and change.

Sometimes, when you're in the third grade, you pull a chair out from under your friend while they're sitting down because you think it'll be funny and they end up getting hurt. (I'm, of course, talking about a girl I used to know. Definitely wasn't me.)

Sometimes you step in hot, chewed up gum on the sidewalk and then spend 15 minutes cleaning it off your shoe. And then spend 5 minutes cleaning it off your hands.

Sometimes you're the designated driver because you're 16 weeks pregnant and you hit a deer going 65 miles an hour on a six-lane highway that winds down a mountain. In your brand new Prius.

Sometimes your team loses in the first round.

Sometimes you get caught and you get grounded.

Sometimes you get caught and you get in really big trouble.

And sometimes, sh*t happens so much that it fills every corner of your diaper. And seeps out of the top. And gets all over your clothes. And on to the bed sheets.

This may look rather mild but you didn't see what was on the inside.

But in those times thankfully your mom is there to clean you up.

And if she could, I bet she'd help you clean up all of your other messes too.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Born in the USA

Why, yes, Eddy Waymon was born in the USA. Austin, Texas to be exact. And yesterday, in our glorious city, we were one of the lucky ones that got to hear Bruce Springsteen deliver the keynote address at SXSW.

I am not a musician. Can't read a lick of sheet music. My musical talent does not extend beyond my taste. But I was moved yesterday. I imagine that the real musicians in the room had to buy new socks after the show because Bruce had knocked theirs off.

I will admit that I didn't expect for Bruce to be so eloquent. I expected an hour of rock star ramblings about "late nights, and buy my latest album, and then there was this one time." I was quickly reminded that he is The Boss. He is a poet. He is a working class hero.

Bruce told the story of his life in music. He started with Elvis, talked about the censorship of his waste down, how just the idea of what was happening below the belt was enough to make a nation uncomfortable and curious and excited. He moved on to Roy Orbison, a cool geek that made heartache and love balance equal. Then to The Beatles, who were just four friends that cleaned up nicely and wrote good tunes themselves. His voice got faster as he talked about The Animals. He said he felt free for the first time listening to them. Then he grabbed his guitar and picked out the skeleton of We Gotta Get Out of This Place. When he started to sing you could almost hear the moment in his life when he was a teenager being transformed by a song. He continued with words about Bob Dylan, Hank Williams, James Brown, The Sex Pistols, Public Enemy, Pearl Jam and wrapped it up by recognizing the 100th birthday of Woody Guthrie. He closed by singing a more obscure verse from Guthrie's song, This Land is Your Land, and when he got to the chorus he paused and said, "You know, this is one where everyone is supposed to sing along." So everyone in the room started singing, "... from the redwood forest, to the gulf stream waters..."

Throughout the entire hour, my goosebumps had goosebumps but at that moment, tears welled. It was pure magic. Not surprisingly, he got a standing ovation and everyone floated out of the room, smiling at strangers with looks that said, "Can you believe what we just saw?"

A few lucky folks got to see Bruce in concert later in the day but we will have to wait until next month when we trek to New Orleans to see him at Jazz Fest.

Bruce Springsteen was my first concert in 1984 when I was a little girl. Eddy slept through the whole talk but I'm certain that those brilliant words penetrated his brain. He wore his Born in the USA outfit and everyone around us was excited to meet "The Boss' youngest fan". There were signs posted everywhere saying "No photography of any kind" and the teacher in me can't stand to break rules so we have no photos.

BUT I think a few photos of The Boss' youngest fan looking so cool will suffice.

Bruce's tiny butt looks a little chunkier stretched across that beautiful belly.

 If you have a spare 50 minutes, and you love music, listen to the keynote address here. It rocked.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Splish Splash

Since Eddy's first bath, we have been Puj Tub-ers. It was a shower gift given to us by my brother, Matt, and we didn't even know we needed it. It is an awesome little piece of foam that fits perfectly in our sink. I can set it up one-handed while holding Eddy and the holes on the side allow just the right amount of water to stay in the tub. PLUS, I don't have to bend over a bathtub at an awkward angle to try and maneuver a slippery chub.

In short, I love it.
He HATED it the first time but loves it now.
We also received a Tummy Tub as a shower gift. This amazing little bucket is nothing new in the baby world but it is new to us. The website says that it is "nearly as nice as mommy's tummy!" A few weeks ago we used it for the first time.

As I lowered Eddy in to the water, his arms went wide, his breathing sped up, and he had a very concerned look on his face.

The instant that he was in he calmed down, released a giant sigh, and his face relaxed. He spent the rest of the bath just smiling at me.

Those cheeks are a'smilin'.

Because of the design of the tub, he is able to move his own little body. He uses his feet and legs to scoot around and bob up and down which must feel like a wild sensation when you're used to just lying on your back and wiggling. You could tell by the expression on his face that my guy loved the independence.

The bathroom and all activity that takes place inside of it unnerves Lucy (don't even say b-a-t-h in her presence) so she had to make sure that we weren't torturing Eddy.

He stayed in the tub for almost ten minutes, getting clean and sudsy and happy. The other brilliant part about the design is that it keeps water warmer for longer.

I'm addicted.

The look on his face. The visible rolls of chub from every angle. The smell. The warmth. The family affair.

I wanted to give him another bath immediately after this one was over. The Puj Tub is still my go to tub when we are in a hurry to get out the door by a certain time but he is quickly outgrowing it. It is recommended for babies up to 17 pounds babies and child is pushing it - my estimate for next week's appointment is 16 pounds but I was under by a pound and a half last time.

That last paragraph made me realize just how quickly time is flying. I need to document the next bath in the Puj Tub before he's too big. He looks so fat and delicious and he won't fit much longer.

When the time comes to hang the Puj Tub up and save it for our next tub of love, we will make the permanent switch to the Tummy Tub. It does take a bit more time but maybe that's okay. I like the idea of bath time being a slow, calm, family routine.

It makes for a very cozy bedtime.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Up Through the Atmosphere

Austin is host to the Zilker Kite Festival, the oldest kite festival in the country. Tim and I have gone together nearly every year since we started dating and were very excited to be taking our new, bigger family this year. It was a beautiful, windy day and the park was more packed than ever. We did what I think everyone else in Austin did - laid out a blanket and hoped to catch a breeze.

In years past, we have come kiteless and just looked at the others. One memorable year, Tim was dubbed The Kite Whisperer. He had the awesome ability to walk up to kites that had taken a nosedive, lift them up, and help them find their drift. And he, of course, did it with a flourish not unlike Gob of Arrested Development.

A few years later, we eagerly bought a giant elephant kite from Costco the day before the festival. Yeah, there's a reason that elephant-shaped things don't fly very well. With the exception of Dumbo, I suppose.

So this year, Tim had his heart set on showing his son that he could fly a kite. Seems like a good dad thing to me. We got a traditional shaped kite that just happened to have an elephant on it. We affectionately named it Edward.

Early on, Edward caught a little air.

Eddy, Lucy, and I watched from the shade.

Then, things got a little hairy. Edward the elephant got tangled with a few other kites so we decided to take a break to look for our friends. It took entirely too long because we were looking in the wrong place.

Finally, our friend, Alissa, found us. She was visiting from California for the weekend and we were glad we got to spend a little extra time with her that day. She led us to where the rest of our friends were and that's when things really took off.

It turns out that this year's Kite Whisperer was our friend, Ryan. He was able to help Tim find just the right gust. When lines became too entangled to repair, Ryan was an excellent troubleshooter. But most importantly, when Tim was ready to throw in the towel, Ryan gave just the right encouragement to convince Tim to give it another go. And he did it - his kite sailed up to the highest height!

A little corny, yes. I mean, it's just a kite festival. But sometimes it takes a moment like that to turn a good day into a great day. Tim needed to be successful that day. He needed to feel like he had done a dad-like thing in front of his boy. He needed to fly a kite.

If only the fix were always that simple.

It was a good family day made great by our friends. Thanks, friends.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Dear Eddy, Month 2

Dear Eddy,

Having heard stories from other mamas about sleepless nights and inconsolable days, I had braced myself for that storm. Bless my stars, there is no storm on the radar.

What does it take to put a little Eddy to sleep? A good nurse and a cozy snuggle. I cherish each sleep because I know they won't last forever. Someday, you will just say, "G'night, Mom!" and walk to bed. I wake up each morning and think, "We did it! We are happy and rested!" I very much know that I am a lucky mom.

Tomorrow, you have a well baby visit and your first round of shots. I want to apologize in advance for the pain of the poke. I will do everything in my might to make the sting, and any other stings to follow, go away.

I think that part of your happiness and contentment comes from the fact that you are a big, healthy baby. I predict that you weigh at least 13 pounds. We will find out at tomorrow's visit. (Weight confirmed after visit -- 14 lbs 7 oz, 95th percentile!)

You started really smiling this month and you have 2 delectable dimples. God didn't have to make you so cute; I would have loved you anyway. But I sure am happy He did!

We are becoming quite an independent duo, finding an adventure nearly everyday. We love the park, both in our neighborhood and downtown. We also love visiting our friends. And everyone, I mean everyone, loves a visit from you.

Being with you makes every day better.


go to sleep, my love my love.

Dear Eddy, Month 1

I am writing Eddy a letter every month of his life. Here is the first letter, the second will follow. Better late than never!

Dear Eddy,

I used to write letters to you every week when you were in my belly, before I knew who you really were. Each week was exciting and different and word-inspiring. Free hands, and free hours, aren't as easy to come by now so I will (try to) write you a letter every month. Hopefully you can read these letters someday and know how loved you are and how loved you were from the moment you came to be.

This first month has been the most important month of my life. It is the month I learned how to be a mom. I know that this is very much a "trial by fire" job and no amount of reading can truly prepare you for it and I know that I will learn more and more with each passing day.

In this month, you have learned to nurse like a champ and I am so happy to be your provider. I know that this isn't easy for all mamas and babies so I am especially thankful for our bond.

In this month, I have learned that you are amazing. Not just "new baby" amazing, but truly amazing. You sleep like an angel, you whimper so sweetly to express your needs, and comfort is something that comes very easily to you.

In this month, you have learned how to throw a mean punch. Your papa thinks that you probably did this a lot in my belly but now, without the resistance of that warm amniotic fluid, your punches pack much more might. So much, in fact, that you have given yourself not one but two black eyes. They break my heart but I know that one day soon we will look at these pictures of little you with what looks like purple eye makeup and laugh.

In this month, I have learned that we were meant to be. From the moment you were placed on my belly, pink and goopy and beautiful, I knew that you had picked the right mama. Now that papa has gone back to work and Cookie has gone home, we hang out all day and I am in heaven.

You were so worth the wait.


sunning our little yella fella.

I am a warrior.

Today, we did what we love to do lately - we went to the park with Sara and Olivia. Eddy loved watching Oli play and Lucy helped guard against the wind. On our way home, Eddy gave me the "I need to eat" whimper and we were still about 15 minutes from the house. I tried to soothe him while he was in the stroller, cruising over bumps. I didn't want to stop to feed him because the wind was fierce and it was nearing Olivia's nap time. I hate when those desperate cries crescendo into, "Mom, you're so close! Why aren't you helping me?" so I grabbed him out of his seat, Sara's grandmother, Mima, took Lucy and the stroller, I lifted my shirt as discreetly as possible and gave my guy what he needed. Sara threw a blanket over my shoulder and the mighty wind blowing against us held it in place.

I nursed and we walked. We walked along the trail, we walked along the sidewalk, we walked through a busy intersection. And Eddy was satisfied.

I am a warrior mama, but aren't we all?

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Grandparent Love

What is it about grandparent love that makes it so sweet? Is it that they have already loved their children for so long that their love has just gotten deeper? Or is it that when you see your children, who you love so much, have children of their own that the love just grows exponentially? Maybe I won't know the answer until it's my turn to be one.

Eddy certainly has no shortage of grandparent love. He has grandparents that expect several daily pictures, grandparents that are already planning vacations and surf lessons, and grandparents that have more framed pictures of him than we do.

Cookie came to stay with us and not only was it awesome to have an extra set of hands around, it was awesome to see Eddy smile and love on her.

Then, we all took a trip to see the Houston grandparents. Pops was happy to finally get to snuggle Eddy since he was sick when Eddy was born and BonBon got to give Eddy a bath!

Oh, and Lucy is also treated like royalty by her grandparents. She is, after all, the original grandchild.