Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love is all you need.

I love Valentine's Day. I know that some people like to complain about it, say that it's a holiday created by greeting card companies, dread it when they don't have a significant other, but I LOVE it. It is a day just for telling people that you love them - friends, loved ones, children, dogs, parents, brothers, sisters.

We did it up for Valentine's Day this year - and on a budget! We got all kinds of crafty.

Feel the love.

Eddy kicked off the week by sending Valentines to a few special little ladies. Mailboxes have never had so much cuteness in them.

I woke up in a bit of a panic because Eddy didn't have anything special to wear on his first Valentine's Day. I had some leftover red felt from his love letters so I sewed a little heart to his white one piece.

We picked Papa up from work and went to Thundercloud Subs for lunch.

We even ran into Uncle Dan on our way home!

When we got home, we decorated our front window to look like a box of candy. Yes, our Christmas lights are still up. We were a little busy this holiday season and frankly, would rather hang out with Eddy.

Then, we went to Phil's Ice House as a family and enjoyed hamburgers and ice cream. Lucy came, too, but we couldn't get her in the picture.

We just had to squeeze in a little photo shoot.

And now, the shot we've all been waiting for and dreaming about since we laid eyes on this mini-Tim.

Wait for it.

Hold the phone.

Brace yourself.

Eddy with a beard.

Yep. Papa got a matching shirt, too.

Love. It really is all you need. And we are so lucky to have a lot of it.

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  1. why am i just now reading this post?? i love valentine's day too, and i love the case-wilson clan. getting that little valentine in the mail made my week! love you little eddy wilson.


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