Sunday, December 18, 2011

38 weeks

Your papa and I can not believe how close we are getting to meeting you. We went on a date this weekend and are savoring our quiet time together. There are some nerves about the big day but the excitement definitely outweighs them. I am truly starting to feel like we could meet you any day now.

At our weekly visit with the midwives, they did a little checking and told us that you have shifted beautifully into birthing position and that things are progressing nicely. I have to tell you that I appreciate your effort in making our big day easier. I am trying to do my part as well.

Now a little story about your big sister, Lucy.

About a month ago, Papa and I had a very hard conversation about Lucy's position in the family bed. I cried and Papa looked like he wanted to cry as we talked about how Lucy would have to start getting used to sleeping elsewhere to make room for you. Lucy has slept with us, off and on, since she was a puppy and got her little paw trapped back in her crate training days. She has a bed in our bedroom that she only sleeps on when one of her dog friends is over. Since that very sad talk, Lucy has started the night in either the living room or on her dog bed by our bed - all on her own without being told. She usually makes her way back to our bed by 4 or 5 in the morning but I think she is weaning herself one night at a time. She amazes me. I have always said that she understands what we communicate to her far more than even we realize. Since reading The Art of Racing in the Rain last summer, I truly believe that a good family dog moves with the ebb and flow of their pack. Our sweet Lucy is growing up and getting closer and closer everyday to becoming a big sister. She is such an incredible part of our family and is getting ready for how our pack is growing.

Papa and I spent a little time looking at pictures on the blog from earlier weeks and marveled at the growth. And now, this is what it looks like when a belly drops:
see you so soon!

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  1. awwwww, lucy!!! i can't believe it. yes i can. sweet sister.


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