Friday, December 2, 2011

36 weeks


Does this week feel different, baby? For the most part, we are still getting up early. For the most part, we are still busy all day. A HUGE difference is that when we need to stop and lie down we can. You are back in the habit of getting very hungry very early in the morning (repeat of trimester 1). I guess that actually I'm the one that is hungry but every time those hunger pains wake me up, I imagine that you're in there saying, "Mom! I'm trying to chunk up in here! Feed me!" I woke up at 4 this morning and scrambled 2 eggs. That kept us both satisfied until about 8. The midwives say that we need lots of protein right now. Turns out that kind of takes a lot of effort.

This week, the calendar finally turned to December. I say finally because this month has felt far away for so long but now that it's here it is definitely not stopping. This is potentially your birth month! I've heard some women say things like, "Ugh, I am so ready to not be pregnant!" While I do have the backache that comes and goes and while I do look forward to different sleep positions, I will gladly keep you inside of me for as long as you need. Some days of being pregnant are hard but not one moment has passed that I wasn't in complete awe and utterly grateful for you. I know that women that are tired of being pregnant feel the same way but what I am saying is stay put for as long as you need to. Get big and chubby and healthy and enjoy the warm comfort of the womb. Your papa and I (and lots of other people) can't wait to see your face but I think that you will know when you are good and ready. Plus, we got a baby sleep sound machine as a gift and one of the settings is "womb". If I lived somewhere that sounded that calm and peaceful, I would hang out for as long as possible. But please don't mistake me, baby, we are very excited about your rapidly approaching due date.

For the first time, we were the biggest in our yoga class. We have been going since week 25 and slowly, the women with big bellies stop coming to class as they have their babies. Most women in class this week were in the 15-16 week range with barely a bump. I smiled thinking that we would soon be graduating from class. I have loved that time with you and it has been one of the few times that I feel flexible and fit.

We found out from good friends about 2 new precious little heartbeats growing and thriving this week so we are saying extra prayers. Those little heartbeats never stop being totally incredible.

Love ya, baby.
*Ali and I think that I was having a practice contraction during this week's picture. And the day has come - I can't button my pants anymore!

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  1. I'm so proud of you for still being grateful to be pregnant at 36 weeks. And if those jeans were mine, I would have had to leave open the button in addition to cutting a hole in the butt and thighs :-) Good luck with the delivery xoxo Rachel M. T.


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