Friday, November 25, 2011

Party in my belly

A few funny things that have happened recently:

I was standing in the office at school a few weeks ago when the parent of a student that I've known for a while walked in. I was wearing sandals and our conversation went like this:
Parent: "Oooo, Mrs. Case! Look at those feet! You got pregnant lady feet!"
Me: "I know, aren't the ugly?"
Parent: "Oh no, they are diva. Be proud of those diva feet!"

Our neighbors across the street have 2 incredible boys and a few weeks ago their youngest put a stuffed animal under his shirt and asked his mom, "How does Kacie keep the baby from falling out when she takes her shirt off?" Oh, how I love the kid brain.

And after many attempts, I was finally able to get some good footage of this busy babe partying in my belly. This went on for about 30 minutes with much bigger rolls. This was the best I was able to capture on film.


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