Friday, November 25, 2011

35 weeks


35 weeks down. 35 days to go. At times, it seems like you have been growing inside of me for so long and at other times it seems like time is flying by. For each day that we tick off the anticipation to meet you grows and grows. I don't spend much time thinking about whether you're a boy or girl. I've said all along that you already are who you are. I do spend time wondering what you look like. I bet that you look just like your papa.

We celebrated Thanksgiving just the two of us this week (plus you and Lucy and Simba). It was so relaxing to prepare a meal at or own pace but as soon as we sat down to our feast and said what we were each thankful for it felt weird to not have a table full of passing dishes and family voices. We did take a moment to appreciate the quiet that we had and we realized that this would be our last holiday like this. I imagine that next year Lucy will have her own scattering of a Thanksgiving feast all over the floor as you toss your food over the edge of your high chair.

I wonder if you will notice a sudden absence in noise now that I'm finished teaching. We used to be surrounded by 25 voices at any given moment and many of those voices were aimed right at belly level. All those little voices belong to kids that are so excited to know all about you.

This week's picture shows what a teacher looks like after 6 and a half years of work - tired. Miraculously, the next day I looked as though a weight had been lifted. We are so lucky to have this time off and I will make the most of every moment, either by getting ready for you or by resting.

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