Saturday, November 5, 2011

32 weeks


I know you're probably tired of hearing this by now but now my exhaustion is slowing down my blog post rate. I apologize for the delay. It's been a sleepy week with daily naps after work. I even set up a spot in my classroom on Tuesday and had an old fashioned lie down while the kids were at PE. I was tempted to stay there when they got back.

During a rare moment in my 3rd grade class this week, I actually had every student's captive attention. In the middle of an interesting and informative lesson, a little girl blurts out, "Mrs. Case! You're having your baby next month!!" Captivity was lost and students turned to each other and to me asking, "Wait - what? When?" They all panicked for a moment. I guess the new November calendar caught her eye and something clicked. Well, she's right. The calendar doesn't lie. Your debut is getting so near and I love it.

During our nightly routine of talking to you and feeling you kick, your papa said, "Isn't it crazy that the baby is half you and half me?" I know that this is something that most parents marvel at but it doesn't change the fact that it is incredible. I feel so blessed everyday to have you growing and kicking inside of me - half me, half your papa. I've always thought that he and I make a pretty great team and now you're the living proof.

Just over 7 weeks until you're fully baked. It's going to be an awesome Christmas season.

Love ya.

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