Sunday, October 16, 2011

It's Sunday. Say "thank you".

We got to watch 2 very dear friends say "I do" on Friday night at Mercury Hall. This is an amazing little space in the heart of Austin that feels like it's in the middle of nowhere. It was a beautiful night and we got to spend good time with friends that we hadn't seen in a while. Alissa ("Auntie Liss" as she's known to Lucy) stayed with us and it was so nice to have her in Austin again, even if for just a short while. Cookie and Grandpa Gus ordered the crib and it got here Friday. What was "Alissa's room" this weekend will soon be a baby's room! We relaxed with friends on Saturday to watch football and had our first childbirth class at our house this afternoon. There is only one other couple in the class and they're pretty great. It's so exciting that we get to start talking about how this big day is going to happen.

Fall has arrived, the back door is open, and we are so happy in our home.

This week, we are thankful for:
Beautiful weddings
Time with Alissa
Breakfast burritos
Hot pizza
Belly kicks that make us laugh
Olivia's silly face
Rest after a long work week
Sleepovers with Uncle Matt

The new Mr. and Mrs. Anderson
A picture of Alissa from our wedding. Beautiful.

Silly face girl -

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  1. Thanks for everything Ms. Case! I had the best time with you guys this weekend and was so thankful to have a little quality 1:1 time with you guys. Even if it was so short. More trips to come! I can't wait to see that little knucklehead. Much love from Auntie Liss! xoxox


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