Sunday, October 9, 2011

Cut from the same oilcloth

I bought a yard of beautiful oilcloth fabric to design the banner for this blog. After the photo had been snapped, I wanted to find a great use for this cloth.

Once upon a time, we had plans in place for a remodeled kitchen. Around the same time that we had decided that our kitchen was unique and the right kind of "old" for our house, we also found out that we were growing a baby. We started to embrace our kitchen as it was, love the built-in low cabinet drawers and ceiling height high cabinets, and found ways to make it perfectly us. Tim and I make a dynamite team in the kitchen so this space is very important.


Behind our range there is a white magnetic board rather than a fancy back splash. A few months back, we started hanging recipes there which made things easier as we cooked AND made the boring white space a little more interesting. My brother, Cory, was over on the day that I was looking for something to do with leftover oilcloth and he got roped into my project. Together, we found a way to cut and affix the oilcloth to the white magnetic board which made that space even better and still as useful.


A little help from Cory

We took out the screws that hold the magnetic board to the wall, used Super 77 to adhere the oilcloth to the board, and then put the screws back into place. I love it and it perfectly compliments our beautiful Le Creuset pots.

And would you believe it? There was still a bit of cloth left. I got an old stool out of my parents' storage unit, recovered the dingy seat and took the upcycled stool to my classroom. Mama can't stay on her feet all day long anymore.

This yard of oilcloth was less than $4 and it has made 3 spaces more exciting and beautiful. Get creative!

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