Wednesday, October 5, 2011

28 weeks


Here we are! Last trimester. Home stretch. Count down. We are hanging in so good and I know that we will keep on doing the same. I am trying very hard to listen to you and my body and slow down when we need to. Our friend Nicole let me in on an amazing gem of advice - go to bed earlier. Not just earlier, like 8:30 earlier. On Monday night, I ate dinner at 5:00, took a lavender bath at 6:00, knit for a bit in front of the TV, and was lights out at 8:30. Don't worry. Mama is only 30, not 80, contrary to what that just sounded like.

Your papa was at a conference earlier this week which meant that we had the whole bed to ourselves. As amazing as that was, I sure did miss him. I woke up 10 times in the night, wondering where he was and each time that I did you were kicking like crazy. I guess you were wondering where he was, too. Lucy was an excellent protector, though. She is going to be the best big sister.

For the past 2 weeks or so, a few crazy people have thought that it would be a good idea to comment on how big they think I am. After asking about your due date they then ask if you are twins. It takes everything in me to not say something snappy back. For each of those crazy people, though, there are an equal number of amazingly sweet people. Pregnancy may be the only time in your life that strangers in the grocery store can tell you that you are beautiful without it sounding creepy. That's all because of you, my love. I am very proud to say that we look good together.

Growing and growing - look at how hard that t-shirt is working!


  1. You are so beautiful and an amazing person to be bringing such a sweet life into the world! Happy third trimester.... Much love to you and Baby!

  2. Yay! Almost time to meet your beautiful baby! Thank you for this post. My older sister is 8 months (due Nov 9th! getting excited!)and people always comment how big she is and if she's sure she's not having she wouldn't know. Even though the comments are odd, it's nice to know that she's not alone.

  3. You look amazing Kacie! What a lucky baby to have such a loving mama. :)

  4. Thanks, friends! So glad you're reading :)


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