Wednesday, September 28, 2011

27 weeks


Hey, baby.

This is our last official week of the second trimester. I can hardly believe it. I think I keep waiting for the weather to turn cooler to shift my mindset to fall. Then I know it will feel like our winter season is around the corner. Halloween decorations excite me more than ever now because once that comes, the other holidays will creep up quickly.

You are moving and grooving and I love it. It makes me laugh every time I can see your sweet little feet making my skin jump up and down. I was sitting by a student at school earlier this week and I felt you practicing your bicycle kicks. I said, "Watch, sweetie!" His eyes went to your sweet spot on my belly and he got a big, goofy grin. "Cool, huh?" Speechless, he nodded with eyes as big as saucers. You are a miracle and an amazing science experiment all in one.

Cookie and I are having so much fun dreaming up and planning your room. I know that it will be my favorite place in the house. We are so lucky to have Cookie in our corner for this. It's what she was born to do!

We are truly growing by leaps and bounds. Look at this week's picture!  
And look at this amazing photo that Ali put together. This is weeks 20 and 27 combined. Wow.

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