Wednesday, September 21, 2011

26 weeks


Happy birthday to me!

What a big week this is. Today marks the last day of my twenties. Tomorrow is the big 3-0! Being with you is the best way I can imagine to start this new decade. While you are still in your 20s (in weeks), you also have a big milestone this week. Instead of being measured from "crown to rump" like you have been up to this point, you are now measured from head to toe and are an amazing 15 inches long! Grow baby grow.

We started the birthday celebration with our trip to California and had a blast. Before we left on Sunday morning, Papa and I hit the snooze and stayed in bed for a few extra minutes. Your kicks are getting more powerful by the day so he got to feel you better than ever. That makes us both so happy.

On Monday, Aunt Steez called and surprised us by saying that she was on her way to Austin. She is working here all week and will be around for my birthday party! Cookie, Grandpa Gus, BonBon, and Pops are coming in, too. We will be surrounded by so much love.

Our monthly checkup with the midwives was today. We are in tip-top shape and your heartbeat sounds as beautiful as ever. After our next appointment in October we start seeing Michele every 2 weeks and then at the end of November we start going once a week! I can't believe it.

Thank you for making this birthday so special. I can't wait to see what your papa has in store. He always pulls out all the stops.

Check out that belly popping out of the bottom of my shirt!

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