Thursday, September 8, 2011

24 weeks


Hello, bellybutton.

I told our friend Nicole, who has a baby in her belly that is almost exactly the same age as you, about a month ago that my estimate for the bellybutton popping out was one month. I was off by a few days. Although it is not fully out yet, you can now see it through my shirt. I possibly had the world's deepest bellybutton so that is quite an impressive feet. Nice work!

Nicole also told me this week that she could see her belly move around so I decided to give that a try on Saturday. As I sat on the couch with my shirt pulled up I could see you dancing and flipping! So amazing.

A few pregnancy books have suggested that I start singing a song to you now so that when you come out I can sing the same song and you will recognize it. That's a lot of pressure for me. Should it be a traditional lullaby? A Beatles song? AC/DC? Well, you helped me narrow down my decision. We have heard Rod Stewart on the radio 4 times this week and every time we do you start dancing. I can't argue with that. So what'll it be? Maggie May? Hot Legs? Maybe Rhythm of my Heart is more appropriate.

I love you, honey. And so does your papa.


  1. maggie may! maggie may! i vote for that song, it has a special place in our family story :) any of those songs would be great though! i love that your belly button is out, that's so official! can't wait to meet this little baby of yours :)

    ps, looove this blog. it's my new favorite thing.

    love, ebiggie (just for you kace)

  2. emily - we're going to let the baby decide what they want to call you: aunt gibby or aunt biggie.

    steez - are you implying that i will have a pale baby?


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