Sunday, September 4, 2011

22 weeks


Was it something I ate last week? Or are you just shifting around? We are definitely still growing but in new ways all the time.

We went to see Michele, the midwife, today and both of your grandmas - Cookie and Bon Bon - got to hear your sweet heartbeat. There is nothing like lying on that cozy bed, being doted on by women, and hearing your thump thump thump. It never gets old.

Yesterday was our first day back with students at school. My former students are so excited about you! And my new ones are wearing me out. I can't get off of the couch once I get home. The Grandmas and your papa have been taking good care of us, though. Cooking, cleaning, and loving Lucy.

Lucky number 22!

Love you.

Guest appearance in this week's photo!

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