Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!

2011, you were so good to us. We can't wait to see what 2012 holds.

Thank you friends and family for making this year incredible.

Kacie, Tim, Lucy, and Eddy

Sunday, December 25, 2011

It's Christmas. Eddy is here. Say "thank you".

This week, we are thankful for our family, friends, health, Jesus' birthday, Lucy, rain, and love.

But mostly, we are thankful for Eddy. To us he is perfect.

Merry Christmas, Baby.
*Birth story coming soon...

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

39 weeks


My Dear Baby,

Whether this letter is premature or we still have a few weeks to go, I have to take a moment while all is calm and quiet to tell you a few things.

With each passing day, I truly feel as though you are getting closer and closer to your debut. While this is obvious, it means that our precious time with you inside of me is coming to an end. I would have it no other way but I want to thank you for this time. I have never felt healthier, more beautiful, more powerful, or more blessed. I know that on the day you are born, these feelings will be magnified and multiplied. From that point on you will be part of this great world and all that have been awaiting your arrival will be able to shower you with constant love.

Beyond wanting a baby, I have realized that I want everything else, too. I want the first day of kindergarten, loose teeth, back to school shopping, the teenage years, the tearful goodbye on the first day of college, first love and beyond. I look forward to all that your future holds.

Thank you for this time. It has been beautiful and it is just the beginning.

See you soon.


Sunday, December 18, 2011

It's Sunday. Say "thank you".

We are 10 days from our official due date, one week from Christmas, and now... we wait. We got a lot done this weekend and I feel like this house is ready to welcome a baby.

This week, we are thankful for:
Date night
milk+honey with Katie and Sara
Love Actually
Children's books
Tiff's Treats
Walks with Lucy
Help from Uncle Cory
Christmas cards in the mail
Time off during the holidays
Being as ready as we'll ever be!

rainy day walk
lucy love
movie watching and knitting

38 weeks

Your papa and I can not believe how close we are getting to meeting you. We went on a date this weekend and are savoring our quiet time together. There are some nerves about the big day but the excitement definitely outweighs them. I am truly starting to feel like we could meet you any day now.

At our weekly visit with the midwives, they did a little checking and told us that you have shifted beautifully into birthing position and that things are progressing nicely. I have to tell you that I appreciate your effort in making our big day easier. I am trying to do my part as well.

Now a little story about your big sister, Lucy.

About a month ago, Papa and I had a very hard conversation about Lucy's position in the family bed. I cried and Papa looked like he wanted to cry as we talked about how Lucy would have to start getting used to sleeping elsewhere to make room for you. Lucy has slept with us, off and on, since she was a puppy and got her little paw trapped back in her crate training days. She has a bed in our bedroom that she only sleeps on when one of her dog friends is over. Since that very sad talk, Lucy has started the night in either the living room or on her dog bed by our bed - all on her own without being told. She usually makes her way back to our bed by 4 or 5 in the morning but I think she is weaning herself one night at a time. She amazes me. I have always said that she understands what we communicate to her far more than even we realize. Since reading The Art of Racing in the Rain last summer, I truly believe that a good family dog moves with the ebb and flow of their pack. Our sweet Lucy is growing up and getting closer and closer everyday to becoming a big sister. She is such an incredible part of our family and is getting ready for how our pack is growing.

Papa and I spent a little time looking at pictures on the blog from earlier weeks and marveled at the growth. And now, this is what it looks like when a belly drops:
see you so soon!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

It's Sunday. Say "thank you".

This weekend, I had a night with Uncle Cory and Uncle Matt while Papa worked. We went out for pizza and to the Texas basketball game. It makes me so happy to spend time with them. Before too long, there will always be a little one joining in on our time together. We also got to hang out with our friends, the Copelands, who show us how to be good parents while still maintaining their cool.

There are a string of babies all due around the same time as us and this past week, the first babe in the club made her debut. My mom's dear friend, Barbara, welcomed her first grandchild, a sweet baby girl named Grace. We are so happy to know that mom and baby are happy and healthy.

Tonight, we are sending extra love to our family members in San Antonio who need it now more than ever. I hope that they may find comfort in each other and in sweet memories.

This week, we are thankful for:
Lucy - the smartest, most amazing family dog we could ever dream of
Operation Yellow Crib: completed
Hand-tossed pizza dough
Brand new, healthy babies
Friends (and their trucks!)
Christmas decorations

Home Slice Pizza
The prettiest girl I know
Simply having a wonderful Christmastime

37 weeks


37 weeks... I wonder how many more pictures we will take with Ali. I've always had the feeling that you would come late (taking after me) but with everyday that passes, I have the thought of, "Well, I didn't go into labor today." So, maybe we will do 3 more pictures with Ali and cap off at an even 40. Or maybe we will do 4 more. We shall see! I would love for you to bake for at least 40 weeks so that you come out big and healthy but I think that what I want has absolutely no bearing on what you need and what will actually happen.

Papa and I took a labor and delivery yoga class yesterday. It wasn't as much yoga as I anticipated but we did learn some good poses and postures that might help us get through the day with a bit more ease. We also did an exercise where we sat in a circle with the other 10 couples, closed our eyes, and the instructor talked us through a visual progression of the big day. It started with mild contractions, they then got stronger, we moved to the bed to have the baby, and then worked the baby down and out until YOU were on my chest, brand new and beautiful. Some parents came out of the exercise very moved, others seemed very unaffected, and then there was me - crying, hot, in need of water. I was so enthralled by the thought of this day that I truly forgot that I was sitting in a yoga studio. Your birth day is getting so close and no matter what journey you take me on that day, I know that it will be the most amazing day of our lives. That is something I have always known.

I watched parts of the Barbara Walters and Beyoncé special on television this week and loved hearing her talk about her growing belly. The best part was when she said that she hasn't even met her favorite person in the world yet. I love that thought. Our relationship has been so intimate and although you are on proud display, so much of what we know about each other right now is very private. We haven't even seen each others faces. Knowing that we soon will blows my mind.

There are love songs that say, "I loved you before I met you." This must be what that means.
* Definitely a contraction last week. This belly is hanging out so much more in this week's picture!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

It's Sunday. Say "thank you".

With the start of my leave, I have been given the amazing gift of time. When I used to get home, completely exhausted, I would look at my list of things to do and know that by the next day, it would remain the same. This week, some big things got checked off. There is still lots to do but it's really starting to feel like it will get done - dare I say within the next few days? Here's hoping.

Papa T went to Houston for the night this weekend to watch our dear friends, Rebecca and Talal, say 'I do'. I wish that I could have been there for the day but I didn't want to be far from home... and I also didn't want to have to be rolled off the dance floor at the end of the night. I know that it was a beautiful night and the perfect start to their lives together. While he was away, Uncle Cory and Uncle Matt came to hang with me. We worked in the baby's room, hung out, made pancakes, and watched football. It was a great weekend.

This week, our family is thankful for:
Help from Uncle Cory and Uncle Matt
A play date with Olivia and Aunt Sass
Christmas lights
Prayers for babies
Some semblance of organization
Napping weather
Catching up with old friends

The Uncles paint the closet!
Play date with Olivia
Go ahead, try to resist that face.

Friday, December 2, 2011

36 weeks


Does this week feel different, baby? For the most part, we are still getting up early. For the most part, we are still busy all day. A HUGE difference is that when we need to stop and lie down we can. You are back in the habit of getting very hungry very early in the morning (repeat of trimester 1). I guess that actually I'm the one that is hungry but every time those hunger pains wake me up, I imagine that you're in there saying, "Mom! I'm trying to chunk up in here! Feed me!" I woke up at 4 this morning and scrambled 2 eggs. That kept us both satisfied until about 8. The midwives say that we need lots of protein right now. Turns out that kind of takes a lot of effort.

This week, the calendar finally turned to December. I say finally because this month has felt far away for so long but now that it's here it is definitely not stopping. This is potentially your birth month! I've heard some women say things like, "Ugh, I am so ready to not be pregnant!" While I do have the backache that comes and goes and while I do look forward to different sleep positions, I will gladly keep you inside of me for as long as you need. Some days of being pregnant are hard but not one moment has passed that I wasn't in complete awe and utterly grateful for you. I know that women that are tired of being pregnant feel the same way but what I am saying is stay put for as long as you need to. Get big and chubby and healthy and enjoy the warm comfort of the womb. Your papa and I (and lots of other people) can't wait to see your face but I think that you will know when you are good and ready. Plus, we got a baby sleep sound machine as a gift and one of the settings is "womb". If I lived somewhere that sounded that calm and peaceful, I would hang out for as long as possible. But please don't mistake me, baby, we are very excited about your rapidly approaching due date.

For the first time, we were the biggest in our yoga class. We have been going since week 25 and slowly, the women with big bellies stop coming to class as they have their babies. Most women in class this week were in the 15-16 week range with barely a bump. I smiled thinking that we would soon be graduating from class. I have loved that time with you and it has been one of the few times that I feel flexible and fit.

We found out from good friends about 2 new precious little heartbeats growing and thriving this week so we are saying extra prayers. Those little heartbeats never stop being totally incredible.

Love ya, baby.
*Ali and I think that I was having a practice contraction during this week's picture. And the day has come - I can't button my pants anymore!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

It's Thanksgiving weekend. Say "thank you".

It's the time of year that everyone is finding time to say "thank you". We have more to be thankful for this year than ever before. Our weekend was filled with food, nesting, napping, and quiet. Our list of 'things to do' is shrinking but there are still some big things left to get done. Unlike before, it is starting to feel like all of these things can and will get done.

And now that Thanksgiving has passed, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

This week, we are thankful for:
A big and still-growing belly
Family near and far
Amazing friends
Cozy midday naps
Long holiday weekends
A quiet, restful Thanksgiving
Cranberry sauce
Lucy to warm our toes on a cold night
Simba and Lucy say, "bone marrow!"
Lots of blankets (but only on one side of the bed)
Dreft baby detergent
Time with Uncle Jesse
An awesomely victorious "Goodbye to A&M"
Biscuit beignets
Grandparents that already spoil this babe

Ready to Trot
Papa busy in the kitchen
A Thanksgiving feast for two
Belgian Farmhouse Ale
This boi loves a marrow-filled bone.
Marrow = Happy Lucy
A snuggly nap on a chilly day.
A little help from Lou.
Big sister.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Party in my belly

A few funny things that have happened recently:

I was standing in the office at school a few weeks ago when the parent of a student that I've known for a while walked in. I was wearing sandals and our conversation went like this:
Parent: "Oooo, Mrs. Case! Look at those feet! You got pregnant lady feet!"
Me: "I know, aren't the ugly?"
Parent: "Oh no, they are diva. Be proud of those diva feet!"

Our neighbors across the street have 2 incredible boys and a few weeks ago their youngest put a stuffed animal under his shirt and asked his mom, "How does Kacie keep the baby from falling out when she takes her shirt off?" Oh, how I love the kid brain.

And after many attempts, I was finally able to get some good footage of this busy babe partying in my belly. This went on for about 30 minutes with much bigger rolls. This was the best I was able to capture on film.


35 weeks


35 weeks down. 35 days to go. At times, it seems like you have been growing inside of me for so long and at other times it seems like time is flying by. For each day that we tick off the anticipation to meet you grows and grows. I don't spend much time thinking about whether you're a boy or girl. I've said all along that you already are who you are. I do spend time wondering what you look like. I bet that you look just like your papa.

We celebrated Thanksgiving just the two of us this week (plus you and Lucy and Simba). It was so relaxing to prepare a meal at or own pace but as soon as we sat down to our feast and said what we were each thankful for it felt weird to not have a table full of passing dishes and family voices. We did take a moment to appreciate the quiet that we had and we realized that this would be our last holiday like this. I imagine that next year Lucy will have her own scattering of a Thanksgiving feast all over the floor as you toss your food over the edge of your high chair.

I wonder if you will notice a sudden absence in noise now that I'm finished teaching. We used to be surrounded by 25 voices at any given moment and many of those voices were aimed right at belly level. All those little voices belong to kids that are so excited to know all about you.

This week's picture shows what a teacher looks like after 6 and a half years of work - tired. Miraculously, the next day I looked as though a weight had been lifted. We are so lucky to have this time off and I will make the most of every moment, either by getting ready for you or by resting.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

It's Sunday. Say "thank you".

This weekend, we offficially got cracking on the baby's room. We had several little pieces already but paint was applied to the walls, shelves were painted, the crib was prepped to be painted and we can now say that the ball is rolling. Uncle Cory pitched in by painting and sanding. After Thanksgiving weekend has passed, we will have the ultimate baby's room.

We also got in a few good walks - to get breakfast tacos, but walks nonetheless. And Lucy figured out a way to wedge herself onto the couch with me so that she can be right next to my belly even though there seems to be no more space. We had an awesome time with Ali taking pictures and then enjoyed a meal with her whole crew.

I have a 2 day work week ahead of me et voilá, I'm done. And for that, I am so thankful.

This week, our family is thankful for:
Each other
Walks to breakfast
Naps with Lucy
Air conditioning - in November!
Time with our old friend Jesse
Pops' health and recovery
Hamburgers and Frito Pie with friends
Our birthing class friends
Seen while walking to get tacos
Blurry image of a little girl and a big belly

Saturday, November 19, 2011

34 weeks


2 more days of work. 2 more. I can barely wrap my brain around that yet. I have taught over 250 students in the same room for the past 6 and a half years and for now, I'm signing off. I am so wrapped up in my burgeoning bump that I don't know if the emotions of this will hit me for a while. As exhausting as this job can be at times, I still say that it's pretty cool to be able to hang out with kids who are excited to learn everyday. I have a new job now, though - to take care of you, my baby. To love you, to teach you, to watch you grow. That will take my whole heart - and all of my energy, I'm sure. I am so ready.

We had another check-up this week and our midwives, Michele and Genevieve, think you already weigh 6 pounds. I've had a feeling that you're going to make a big debut, just like your papa. For so long, I have thought of you as this little, squirmy babe and now it is so obvious that you are running out of space. Your mighty thumps and bumps have now become steady rolls. Your one sweet little kick spot has multiplied into a whole area and Papa and I now watch in amazement as your feet make my belly rise and fall. I said today how it's interesting that as my belly grows we think of you as a big baby stretching into every possible corner but as soon as we meet you, you will be a tiny, little bundle. The perspective of size shifts as you move from womb to world.

We are days away from Thanksgiving. Our family that we usually celebrate with is either far away or busy so Papa and I are having a quiet holiday at home. I love having a house full or people, food, and love but as our own little family expands, a long holiday weekend with just our pack sounds sublime. We're going to do what we do best - cook together - watch football, work on your room, and relax.

Thanksgiving also means that we will put our Christmas tree up soon. I have been thinking about this Christmas season for so long and am beside myself that it is finally upon us. We have made a tradition of buying our tree from a church down the street and Papa and I give each other daily updates on the progress of the tree tent being set up.

We can't wait to meet you. Now it's time to rest so that you and I both stay healthy and fit until that day is upon us.

Love ya.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

It's Sunday. Say "thank you".

This weekend was a Baby Shower Bonanza. We attended 2 showers for friends on Saturday and then had our shower on Sunday. It was hosted by Sara and Katie, both grandmas were here - Cookie and BonBon - and a bunch of our friends showed up to help us celebrate. We got so many awesome baby goods and it all makes everything seem very real and close. Big Sister Lucy checked every gift as we opened it to make sure that it was up to snuff. I will post a full shower recap complete with pictures in the weeks to come.

Tonight, we are saying an extra prayer for Pops - Grandpa Wilson. He has a big day ahead of him and we know that he will be great.

This week, we are thankful for:
Grandmas feeling kicks
Family breakfast with Cookie, Uncle Matt, and Uncle Cory
Baby showers
An heirloom bassinet
Handmade baby bedding
BOBs and Tripp Trapps and Onesies - oh my!
Aunt Sass and Aunt Katie
Baby Wilson Lovers
90s hip Hop on satellite radio

Thursday, November 10, 2011

33 weeks


Hey, Baby.

I think that now that there is an official end to work in sight, days are easier. I am signing off at Thanksgiving break and taking a little breather before your arrival. I will savor every nap while I can and prepare our family's space. Your room is in scattered pieces right now but when it all comes together, it's going to be so fantastic.

Two very important ladies that have been dying to feel you kick finally got their chance this week. Ixtlani, who works at school, tries everyday and she seems to always just miss your parties. On Wednesday, you finally gave her a little tap and it made her very happy. And even though we see her a lot, Aunt Sass also always seemed to miss your parties. She came over with Olivia this afternoon to hang out and make us dinner and you started dancing. She put her hands on my belly and started saying such sweet things to you. Little Oli loved the way her mom was talking to you so much that she had to edge her way in between us and get in on the love, too. It was pretty great. Now we just need to make sure that we give Cookie a good party when she is in town this weekend.

Lucy loves having Olivia over. Everything about her fascinates Lucy. She showers her with kisses as much as she can until we ask her to stop and Olivia just cracks up. As Olivia cruises around on her hands and knees, Lucy follows her and when Olivia fusses because she needs something, Lucy makes sure that we are listening. She took a long, hard nap with her ear pressed against my belly on Tuesday night. I think she was trying to listen to you and get to know you. She really is going to be the best big sister.

It's amazing that this belly of mine manages to keep on popping. There was some definite growth in the last week. I love it.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

It's Sunday. Say "thank you".

This was a momentous weekend for Papa.

We cleaned the garage. Now, to me garages are great places to keep things that you don't have space for but I will admit that we had a lot of stuff in there that we didn't need. We moved a few items into storage and a lot of things were donated. As boring and domestic as this sounds, it was so necessary. All of this allowed us to clear space for a baby room! That's the fun part.

This week, we are thankful for:
A clean garage
Uncle Rich and Uncle Matt's help
Lentil and swiss chard soup on a cloudy day
Mexican panaderias
Longhorn victories
An extra hour of sleep
Lucy's love

Clean garage = Happy Papa
Churro beard

Saturday, November 5, 2011

32 weeks


I know you're probably tired of hearing this by now but now my exhaustion is slowing down my blog post rate. I apologize for the delay. It's been a sleepy week with daily naps after work. I even set up a spot in my classroom on Tuesday and had an old fashioned lie down while the kids were at PE. I was tempted to stay there when they got back.

During a rare moment in my 3rd grade class this week, I actually had every student's captive attention. In the middle of an interesting and informative lesson, a little girl blurts out, "Mrs. Case! You're having your baby next month!!" Captivity was lost and students turned to each other and to me asking, "Wait - what? When?" They all panicked for a moment. I guess the new November calendar caught her eye and something clicked. Well, she's right. The calendar doesn't lie. Your debut is getting so near and I love it.

During our nightly routine of talking to you and feeling you kick, your papa said, "Isn't it crazy that the baby is half you and half me?" I know that this is something that most parents marvel at but it doesn't change the fact that it is incredible. I feel so blessed everyday to have you growing and kicking inside of me - half me, half your papa. I've always thought that he and I make a pretty great team and now you're the living proof.

Just over 7 weeks until you're fully baked. It's going to be an awesome Christmas season.

Love ya.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

It's Sunday. Say "thank you".

Andrews Elementary had it's first Fall Festival in years on Friday. Papa T went dressed as a basketball referee and I was dressed as a Wilson basketball. We were a hit. Saturday morning we had breakfast with Uncle Cory and Uncle Matt and then watched some college football. Simba spent the weekend with us again and we slept in past 8 o'clock on Sunday morning! It was amazing.

Tomorrow is Halloween, our candy is ready, and it feels as though the holiday season is on a roll.

This week, we are thankful for:
Halloween - Papa's favorite!
Butternut squash recipes
Lucy after a bath
A cozy cuddle with Simba
Chicken and dumpling soup
Long-sleeve weather
Aunt Steez's never ending hilarity
Picnic table lunches
Bike rides on a cool night
Blue Bell Butter Crunch ice cream

Are we in a restaurant or what?
Clean Lou
Pretty little girl
My Wilson Baby
This Boi loves bacon

Thursday, October 27, 2011

31 weeks


So, did I mention that I'm tired? Sometimes I think that I will fall asleep standing up or mid-sentence or mid-bite. I feel like a runner breaking through the finish line tape each day when I come home. Home is quiet. Home is peace. Home is rest. I can't wait for you to fill this home with your sound and smell and happiness.

Your 'party in my belly' schedule has become very regular. We always have a morning hello when I first wake up, there's a little breakfast appreciation, a lunch time party, an afternoon soirée, and a big bedtime encore. You and Papa have worked out a game at bedtime where he talks to you and plays with my belly when you kick and you keep right on kicking back. The whole time the two of you play we both just keep saying, "That's so crazy!" Your kicks are so mighty and powerful.

At every Wednesday yoga class our instructor asks us to plant an intention in our heart and to work for that intention during our practice. We usually come up with our own intention but this week the instructor suggested that we focus on our bodies and the amazing life growing inside. I marvel every day at the miracle that you are. Every turn, every hiccup, every kick stops me in my tracks and makes me smile. Not a moment goes by that I'm not thankful for you. You are my brightest light.

More and more belly hanging out. I love it!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

It's Sunday. Say "thank you".

I started the weekend by having a relaxing afternoon with Lucy on Friday at Mandola's. Papa met us there with our old friends Talal and Yuzin just as we were leaving. They spent the weekend together in Austin celebrating Talal's bachelor party. I went to the Texas Book Festival with Aunt Katie on Saturday and spent the rest of the day napping and reading. Sunday was a great day with Aunt Katie and Aunt Sass and Papa came back home. I find new ways everyday to be thankful for this great city we live in.

This week, we are thankful for:
Mandola's happy hour
Cozy nights with Lucy
Sunday mornings on South Congress
Turning the alarm off all weekend
Time spent with old friends
Salt Lick Barbecue
Papa back home - again

Al fresco Lucy
Snuggled on a chilly night
TBF at the Capitol